Cal Calot is surrounded mainly by pine, oak and holm oak forest. On the north side, there are pastures for our cattle: Pyrenean brown cows and sheep. Possibly you can also enjoy the experience of seeing some wild animals like the boars, hares, roe deer, goats, owls, etc.

Near the house, you can visit interesting places such as the old plaster kilns of the XVII-XIX centuries, soak your feet in the Barata torrent, visit the centennial holm oak and oak trees that remain next to the hermitage, walk, pick some wild mushrooms, enjoy the starlit sky at night, or simply listen to the sounds of nature.

Apart from all the charming corners close to the house, you will also enjoy the best views. You can enjoy the views of the high rock walls of the “Sierra de Busa”, the views of “Cap de Balç” and the impressive panoramic view of the Valley, which you will see from the chapel. From there, you will be able to see some of the most attractive places in the area, such as the municipality of St. Llorenç de Morunys, “Port del Comte” mountain range, the viewpoint of the “Codó”, the Sanctuary of Lord…

I think you’ve already got an idea of the fantastic location where Cal Calot is located – and also because our farmhouse is situate in the in the itinerary of GR 1. As many hikers will know, it is a long-distance trail that crosses the Catalan pre-Pyrenees. It is also known as the Transversal Trail.


Cal Calot is part of the municipality of La Coma i la Pedra, but it is actually located a few kilometres before reaching St. Llorenç de Morunys.

Driving directions:

  • Coming from Berga: a few meters after kilometric point 35 in LV-4241, take a forest track that is on the right, where there is the indicator of SAN Lleïr DE CASABELLA. You have to follow this track 1.8km and you reach the hermitage and Cal Calot.
  • Coming from Solsona: a few meters after passing kilometer 34 of the LV-4241, you have to turn off to the right to cross the road and take the path that remains on the left and where there is an indicator of SAN Lleïr DE BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. . You have to follow this track 1.8km and you reach the hermitage and Cal Calot.

It is very easy to get there and also the track is accessible for all type of vehicles.


  • SOLSONA: 24,6km
  • BERGA: 31,2 Km
  • SEU D’URGELL: 74,5 km
  • ANDORRA: 93,3 Km
  • MANRESA: 81,5 km
  • VIC: 110 km
  • BARCELONA: 143 km
  • GIRONA: 153 km
  • LLEIDA: 127 km
  • TARRAGONA: 153 Km